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Labels By Pulizzi was established in 1968 by Joseph V. Pulizzi Sr. and Charline M. Pulizzi. With a strong desire to own their own business and provide a future for their children, they set out on a venture into the printing world that has lasted for over forty years.


Set up originally in the side room of the garage, Joe purchased a Mark Andy press and built a homemade label counter. Eighteen hour days were the standard. Joe would be on the road selling for two or three days at a time and Charline would man the phones, unload trucks, and keep the business running in his absence.


In 1969 Joe Jr., at age 12, took a serious interest in the label printing business located in the family garage. He started working while standing on a box so he could see the paper going through the press.


In 1977, as the company grew, Labels by Pulizzi made two significant purchases. First was a rather run down and barely operating printing company called Business Men’s Press. This business was merged with Labels by Pulizzi. Pressure sensitive labels would now be only one facet of Labels by Pulizzi. Older equipment was updated and product lines were expanded to include Letterpress and Offset printed items. Employees were also added to operate the new machinery.


The second big move in 1977 was the acquisition of a “new” building. In actuality, it was the former Clark and Hoag building, a tire and garage center. After two years of complete remodeling inside and outside, Labels by Pulizzi was complete. The company was capable of offering customers printing by either offset or flexographic methods. Combining a completely integrated prepress department, a responsive sales team, and quick turnaround time, Labels by Pulizzi set the standard for an extremely high quality product.


Charline became the President and Joe Pulizzi Jr. became the Vice President in 1979 with the sudden death of Joe Sr. With responsibility to her employees, a growing family, and a very uncertain future, Charline took over the total operation of the Labels by Pulizzi business. She never wavered in her commitment to “doing the right thing.” She had a lot to learn and she never stepped back from the challenge or hard work. Joe Jr. had become a production expert and his knowledge of the machinery and capabilities was invaluable. With their leadership, Labels by Pulizzi continued to flourish and become one of the leading medium sized printing companies in the state.


Devastation struck in January of 1990 when a fire totally destroyed the Labels by Pulizzi building and everything in it. Fortunately, only the building and contents were gone. Dedication to family, employees and customers was a driving force to continue the thriving business. Temporarily, the business was run out of a garage and an apartment using borrowed printing equipment. Faithful family and employees worked long hours to continue uninterrupted service to loyal customers.


By mid 1991, a completely new building had been erected at the current location of Labels by Pulizzi in Logue Industrial Complex in Williamsport’s west end. The building has been expanded twice to the current size of thirty thousand square feet.


Labels by Pulizzi has proven itself to be a leader in the flexographic and offset printing industry. Originally specializing in custom pressure sensitive flexographic web label printing, the Labels by Pulizzi team now provides a broad range of products to include all aspects of both offset and flexographic printing. The addition of a Mark Andy P5 8-color flexographic press and a Presstek 52DI Four Color Direct Imaging Press in 2017, compliments the existing flexographic, offset and digital equipment.


Charline Pulizzi has operated the family business the same way for over fifty years. She possesses an unwavering attention to detail, a commitment to honesty and integrity and a true compassion for people. Labels by Pulizzi attributes their continued success to meeting customer’s needs in every way. Offering high quality products at a fair market price with the absolute best service is the cornerstone of the company and will continue into the future at Labels by Pulizzi.

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